Eyes Here! – 5 Secret workout tips from the pros

One of the toughest and most challenging thing when people age is to getting and staying fit. Because of the career choices that may people choose which often occupy their time, it will be very difficult to set time for an exercise, getting up off the couch during free time will much more challenging than before. This article will explore the tips and tricks that most health enthusiasts do to manage their health and make exercise a part of their daily lives.

Eat a healthy breakfast

People have a different schedule in their workout, some exercise in the morning while others in the afternoon or night after work. If you are one of the early risers who prefer to work out in the morning, it is best to get up early enough to finish breakfast an hour before you go to the health and fitness facility. It is important that you store enough fuel in your body before going into the workout. Study shows, that carbohydrate intake before an exercise can improve workout performance. This will allow your body to work out for a longer duration for a higher intensity. Without the needed protein, your body will feel tired and a bit sluggish whenever you exercise. You can start by eating light breakfast and drinking something such as protein shakes and sports drinks. Focus your breakfast mean with foods that have good fats and carbohydrates such as whole-grain cereals, low-fat milk, Juice, Banana, pancake, and yogurt.

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Eat after you exercise

A lot of people who are looking to reduce weight think that eating after an exercise will make their workout useless. But this is rather a myth than a fact. Eating after an exercise will help your muscles recover and replace damaged cells. Make sure to eat good meals that contain both carbohydrates and protein. This includes food such as Yogurt, fruits, peanut butter, smoothie, chicken breast and whole grain bread with vegetables.

Size matters

Although eating before and after your exercise is a must, it is also important that you be careful about not eating too much. It is recommended that you exercise at least three to four hours if you’ve eaten a large meal. If you only manage to eat small meals or snacks, eat one to three hours before exercising. While eating before a workout is important, too much meal is also not a good idea, it will leave you a feeling sluggish in your workout.


Consider this as the most important part of your whole workout. This is because sleeping is the time when the body heals its own, it will go through a process where hormone levels are being regenerated hence building muscles. Ideally, you get around 6 to 8 hours a day of sleep. This will assure you that you will the energy to exercise and get the results you want.

Muscle Warming

Besides stretching your muscles to get warm, you can also warm your outer muscles. One way to do this is by wrapping your body parts with warm towels, you can also sit in a warm room like a sauna bath. This allows your body to increase the flow of the blood and prepare your muscles properly for the workout.

Apply these tips in your next workout to get better results. Haven’t figure out where to workout yet? Feel free to check Essendon health and fitness facility

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