How to make your face deeply cleansed of oil and acne?

Most people look like they have oily skin, acne, and enlarged pores. A carbon laser peel is one method available to treat this condition. It is fast and painless to do and helps to improve skin texture. But this method can’t be done by all; it’s beneficial if you are seeing the effect of sun damage on your skin.

How does it function?

The first step is to apply a thin layer of carbon on your skin surface and wait for an even distribution of coal on the skin. Then a light beam is introduced to the target area. The carbon particles absorb the light, and then the carbon peels are removed by vacuum suction. In this process, the damaged cells are also gently removed along with the carbon. Following that, new collagen is synthesised to provide energy to the skin and strengthen it. It also purified the open pores on the skin.


  • Reduced wrinkles
  • Tighten the pores
  • Reduced acne
  • Removes dead skin cells
  • Stimulates collagen
  • And etc.

carbon laser peel

Does it hurt?

No, carbon laser peel is a painless treatment to improve the appearance of the skin. After undertaking the surgery, you can go right back to work immediately without any break. This treatment takes about one hour to complete.

The heat produced by the lightning to remove the carbon peel has an additional benefit. It removes the acne bacteria that are responsible for the formation of pimples and outbreaks. It also shrinks the oil secretion gland so that the oil produced on the face is lowered. It gives an improved physical appearance to your face.

It’s capable of doing:

Smoothening of skin

The carbons are advanced preparations used to remove the dead cells from the pores of the skin and purify the skin. It also helps to decrease the pore size, brighten the skin, and increase the softness of the skin.

Deep exfoliation

For people with oily skin, this method has a special advantage because it reduces acne and reduces the function of the secretion gland.

Removal of dark spots

As the carbons are applied to the face, they introduce a high beam of light that helps to improve the facial skin and reduce dark spots.

Lighten the skin

The most irritating issue faced by many people is sagging skin due to aging. This is the best method that improves the elasticity of the skin and makes it tighter.

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