Steroid Intake Techniques: Cycling, Pyramid, Steroid Stacks

Steroids are organic compounds having four cycloalkane rings. They are distinguished into different types. One of them is anabolic steroids. Anabolic steroids are artificial substances that behave like a natural hormone produced in the body known as testosterone. They perform different functions like muscle growth, increased strength, etc. Steroids are one of the components to improve the growth of the muscles. They function as the natural hormones produced in the body and help you to get muscular. There are ways to improve the effectiveness of steroids without putting your body through overdosing on them. The techniques used are cycling, pyramid, and steroid stacks.

Working of steroids

Anabolic steroids are artificial substances that resemble testosterone. They produce the same effects in the body as that testosterone. Anabolic steroids help to produce a protein that is used for muscle building. They also help with the development of lean muscles and skeletal growth. You can find legal Anavar for sale and start the cycle.  Anabolic steroids are also used for therapeutic uses.

Intake of steroids

  • There are multiple ways you take steroids.
  • You can take them orally.
  • There are injections available of steroids that you can inject into the body.
  • Creams are available that you can apply externally on the skin that can be absorbed into the skin.

Anabolic steroid use | The BMJ

Explanation of cycles of steroids

Taking steroids can be divided into two periods. In one cycle, a person consumes steroids, referred to as on cycle. In the successive period, there is no consumption of steroids. This period is termed an on cycle. This is done to improve the effectiveness of the steroids. If you continuously take steroids, the growth of the muscles stops after reaching a certain point. To increase the growth, you are required to increase the intake of steroids that can bring adverse effects to your body. Hence, you can get desired results by switching between on and off cycles.

Techniques for the intake of steroids.

There are three main techniques to take steroids with maximum results.

  • Pyramiding

In this method, the dose of the steroids is increased in a stepwise manner. After a certain point, the dose of the steroids is decreased to zero.

  • Stacking

This method uses more than one type of steroid to bring the effect. You can find different Steroid stacks to start your steroid journey.

  • Cycling

The intake of steroids is done in an off manner.

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