What Are The Most Common Sports Injuries?

Whether you play sports professionally or for pleasure, everyone is at risk of injury. Injuries are possible when playing sports, whether you are a professional athlete or play for pleasure. Sports injuries are usually caused by overuse, a direct impact, or the application of more force than a body part can structurally withstand. People move in the wrong direction, people stumble and fall, people suddenly come into contact with the ground and with each other and sports injuries often result.

Following are the few injuries generally occur during sports activities:-

Sprains Injury

Sprains can be painful, take longer to heal than exercise, and sometimes require immobilization to prevent further injury. It can be debilitating due to pain and sometimes swelling. You need to visit immediately sports injury clinic Worthing if you have any sports injury.

Knee And Groin Injuries

Knee injuries usually occur when the kneecap constantly rubs against the leg bone. The hamstring tends to stretch when the muscles are overstretched. A groin injury usually occurs when you change direction abruptly. Athletes who play hockey, soccer, basketball and soccer are more likely to suffer groin injuries.

Bruising Of  Thighs

If you see bruising on the front of your thighs or feel pain, treat the injury as if it were a muscle strain. Seek immediate medical attention if an injury has caused severe swelling, bruising, or obvious deformity. Rest – keep the injured area and avoid use for 48-72 hours. The best way to treat tennis or golf elbow is to rest the injury first.

Therapist’s Evaluation

Returning to sports after an injury depends on a doctor’s or physical therapist’s evaluation. Attempting to play before the injury is healed will only cause further damage and delay recovery. Aside from using proper protective gear, warming up and cooling down, and stretching, the best way to prevent knee injuries is to not compete when you’re already injured. Likewise, warming up, stretching, and proper posture can reduce the risk of knee injury, as well as proper padding and reinforcement (such as when performing contact sports). Sciatica can be caused by improper stretching and is more common among athletes who participate in cycling, running, golf, and tennis.

Sports that require overhead movement, such as tennis, swimming, baseball, basketball, and volleyball, are most often associated with such sports. Sprains are by far the most common of all sports injuries, simply because we use too many muscles and tendons while training or competing. Common injuries include bruises, sprains, strains, joint injuries, and nosebleeds.

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Shin Splint

Shin splint is commonly seen in runners and people who increase exercise intensity too quickly. Repetitive shoe injuries can lead to injuries to the nails and bones of the foot. Over time, some level of stress can escalate into inflammation around the vertebrae and back muscles, sometimes causing damage to the discs and often causing pain in the upper or lower back.

Physical Therapy

A sudden injury, such as an ankle sprain caused by an awkward landing, is called an acute injury. Chronic injuries are caused by repetitive overuse of muscle groups or joints. You might think that a simple sprain might actually be a broken bone. Physical therapy can help with the rehabilitation of the injured area and, depending on the injury, may include strength and flexibility exercises.

Some sports, especially those with full contact, are inherently dangerous and can easily lead to injury. If you live an active lifestyle that includes lots of outdoor activities, such as biking, running, or playing sports (professional or amateur), sooner or later you will suffer some form of injury. This may explain why more than 5 million people visit an orthopaedic surgeon each year for knee injuries.

Expert Treatment For Sport Injury

Sports injury clinic can provide expert treatment to help athletes recover from a variety of sports injuries, including back and spine injuries. Laser therapy at sports injury clinic Worthing speeds recovery and heals damaged tissue faster when treating a variety of common soft tissue disorders and various muscle/tendon injuries. Our goal is to reduce pain, repair injured muscles or tendons, and accelerate soft tissue recovery by reducing inflammation and accelerating healing, even when repairing small fractures or muscle tears. Our laser treatments are also popular at the Worthing Sports Injury Clinic in Worthing and have shown effective results for plantar fasciitis, heel tingling, Achilles tendonitis, swollen ankles and calf cramps.


In the end we can say that you can avoid common sports injuries by taking precautions, such as using the proper equipment and techniques for each sport. That said, the risk of injury obviously shouldn’t put you off playing sports, but by being aware of some of the more common sports injuries, you can take steps to prevent them, or at least reduce your risk of injury and in case of sports injury you must visit the sports clinic.

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