Why are people using IPL hair removal?

The intense pulsed light has many benefits and can use in other ways. It is mainly used for hair removal, and it can clear the spider veins in your body, enhance the texture of your skin, and lessen acne. It can also take out any signs of sun damage. The machine is like a handheld flashgun that touches your skin by giving light that targets the melanin. It goes to the skin until it cuts off the hair bulb. It is where the melanin is located. Once the light is absorbed, the hair and bulb decline the papilla, which produces the hair. When you want to remove excessive hair in your body, you have to Get immediate attention from a team of the best IPL hair removal treatment in Singapore. Contact them now.

Types of hair removal


It can be time-consuming, and the hair is multiplying for those who like to shave but want a hairless body. It is already part of the routine every day. When you are shaving, your skin will experience rashes and cuts. The cause maybe you are using a blunt or dirty blade. Ideally, you use a brand new blade to remove your hair.


It is a suitable replacement for shaving, but sometimes it has its setbacks. The only knock you will know is the pain when you are waxing. And the worst is the growing period of your hair. To wax everything, the hair has to be the same length. It allows you to have a perfect polish as they stick together and strip everything.

Get immediate attention from a team of the best IPL hair removal treatment in Singapore. Contact them now.


The IPL hair removal needs at least six sessions to remove most of the hair. The hair removal kills the follicle on where the hair is growing. It will be a problem solved as the hair is not growing back. But before you can start any session in hair removal, you don’t have to shave it or pluck it before the day of the treatment. It will not be effective when you are jerking everything in your skin.

Is there any pain during the session?

You will describe the pain as a slight pinching on the skin using an elastic band. Sometimes, people describe it as a warm or pinching sensation in the skin. You will feel the pain in your first treatment which is normal. The less you will feel when there is less hair to remove. The use of IPL is less painful compared to laser hair removal.

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