Is Delta-8 THC Just Another Spice?

Delta-8THC is one of the most talked-about chemical compounds in the entire cannabis community right now. As the number of people is joining this delta-8 THC family, naturally, everyone has their opinion and thoughts about it. These thoughts are formed either when you learn this here now or hearing from a pal; both ways, it is not trustworthy. Though this compound is used by people now, it has been discovered way back in the 70s, and to date, scientists haven’t been able to discover everything and every aspect of the chemical compound.

One of the most surfaced notions about delta 8 THC is that is it a Spice? As claimed by the sellers and chemists, that is a naturally occurring compound and safe, but not everyone settled with it.

The synthetic cannabinoid, what is it?

Synthetic cannabinoid is a lab-made chemical that is a dupe of cannabis in its effect on the human body; it was incidentally prepared y the lab scientists for experimental and simulation purposes.

 But the process was leaked and was readily taken up by the illicit recreational drug market and in no time was used by the unscrupulous sellers, with the motive to make quick and easy money. The synthetic cannabinoid, also called spice or another street name as K2, has some serious effect on the users’ brain and is unsafe.

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The effect of spice is highly unpredictable, and mal monitored uses may be fatal in some cases; the studies even showed that its consumption could potentially lead to major hallucinations, both visual and auditory, loss of natural skills like judgment and motor, can alter the sense of space and time and in some cases catatonia.

All these things made people disbelieve its claims and suspect it is just another spice and being sold with a fake tag of naturally occurring compound delta-8 THC. 

What is the real truth?

While spice is hazardous to health as it’s a synthetic product with various chemical components and a replica of marijuana in its effects and kind of high, it lets the whole cannabis community down.

On the other hand, learn this here now that delta-8 THC is not at all a spice. It’s a naturally occurring compound in cannabis plants and is extracted by cannabis-dried flowers. It is much safe and even used as medicine. Unlike delta-9 THC, it’s even legal as it does not surpass the written legal threshold of delta -9 THC, which is 0.3% dry weight.

As the market is increasing and spreading day by day and new sellers are hopping in on it, it doesn’t mean that you can use it any way you want; it is still a drug just because it is legal and not synthetic. Your safety is in your hands; moreover, the FDA is still against its use legally as it can be dangerous in case used carelessly.

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