Learn More About Foot Arch Pain

What is arch pain?

First of all, we have to be aware of what is mainly arch pain and to know arch pain, and we must first find out what functions of the arches and which ones contain arches in the foot. Well, our feet have two types of arches, one is a longitudinal arch that runs the length of your foot, and the other is a cross arch that extends crosswise to the width of your foot. These arches are made of ligaments, or what we commonly call a group of fibrous tissues that help the bones in your feet to hold in place.


How does arch pain occur?

Most of the time, it is caused by some additional physical activity such as running, jumping, hiking, and excessive walking. Arch pain can also be common in people who have flat feet and people whose feet roll inward, and when they walk, they usually experience a common foot problem called overpronation. This can occur in both transverse and longitudinal arches, but it usually occurs in longitudinal arches. This usually comes on slowly, but it can happen suddenly if the ligaments are too tight or torn due to some vigorous activity such as jumping or running.


How is arch pain diagnosed?

This pain can be diagnosed easily. Just go to the doctor, and he can tell you whether your pain is arch pain or not after examining your foot properly but be careful about choosing your doctor. Before going to the doctor, first, do some research about the doctor whether the doctor has a proven track record or not. It is recognized that the doctor did not recognize him and knew the patients when they visited a good doctor. Therefore, always choose the best doctor who can properly diagnose your pain.

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How can arch pain be treated?

There are several treatment options available to treat it, and most of them are much easier for you. Here are some treatment options that can help you a lot in relieving arch pain:


Ice massages can be very helpful. You can do this with the help of an ice pack, gel bag, or other frozen items by wrapping them in a cloth and applying them to the painful area every 3-4 hours for 15 to 20 minutes.


Place your foot on a pillow, whether you are sitting or lying down.


The use of an arch brace or implants (usually called an orthosis) can be very helpful, and you only need to use orthotic devices as recommended by your doctor. You can purchase a ready-to-use orthotic from a drugstore or get the best shoe with high arch support, and you can also choose a custom orthotic option that is most beneficial.


If you feel any inflammation and more pain, you can use medications like ibuprofen to relieve the pain and inflammation for a while but not make it a habit.


 This is how to arch pain can create some problems in your life and make your life worse and prevent you from carrying out your daily tasks like walking and running. It is essential to treat arch pain promptly and with appropriate guidance from a medical professional.

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