Permanent Hair Removal: Is It Really Necessary?

Permanent hair removal has advantages and disadvantages.  The decision whether to remove your hair permanently or at all is entirely up to you.  Where you grow or remove your hair is no one else’s business but you.  You decide how you like yourself – this applies equally to women and men.

It is good to remember that dvertising, photos on social media profiles and films rarely depict realistic beauty.  The images are heavily edited and the people are lavishly styled in order to depict a certain look for the photo or clip. In the event of improper treatment, burns, scars and pigment shifts can occur.  These should partially subside by themselves.

 The permanent hair removal in Bellevue, WA, methods with laser and IPL are not suitable for every hair color: Since the melanin in the hair provides the desired effect, the method works especially on dark hair and light skin.  Very light hair cannot be removed using these methods.

  Unlike shaving, the permanent methods did not work immediately.  The hair takes a few days to fall out.Advantage and disadvantage at the same time: The method is permanent.  Today, body hair does not correspond to the widespread ideal of beauty, but it doesn’t always have to stay that way.  Therefore, you should only opt for permanent hair removal if you are sure that you want hairless skin.  Don’t choose to go with a fashion trend.

 There are also methods of rooting hair out.  This means that the hair only reappears after up to four weeks.  These methods cannot permanently remove hair, but they are more long-term than shaving.  They are also cheaper than laser or IPL treatment.

 Sugaring: With sugaring, the hair is coated with a sugar paste and torn out together with this mass.  The method is often described as less painful and gentler than waxing.

 Waxing: Waxing works in a similar way to sugaring, except that the mass does not consist of sugar but of syntheticwax.

 Epilation: The epilator is an electronically operated device that clamps and pulls the hair one by one.  This method is painful at first, but over time the body gets used to it and the pain subsides.

The color of the skin also has an influence on the result: the darker the skin, the more melanin it contains.  To ensure that there is good contrast between hair and skin and to reduce risks to the skin, your skin should not be tanned during the treatment.  Tattoos and moles are also problems.

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