The importance of physiotherapy in the time of pregnancy

Physiotherapy covers a wide field of action during pregnancy: from the treatment of typical pregnancy pains: sciatica, low back pain, neck pain, intercostal discomfort, through the preparation, prevention and treatment of the pelvic floor for the moment of delivery and a maternal education and preparation for childbirth. Click here for physiotherapy clinic in north york.

What can a physical therapist do for a pregnant woman?

During pregnancy, it is normal for lower back and pelvic pain to appear since relaxin, a hormone produced in greater proportion during pregnancy, causes a small distention of the pelvic ligaments and the symphysis pubis, which is what causes the pain. On the other hand, there are the postural changes suffered by the future mother to which she must adapt along with the increase in body weight.Visit this site for physiotherapy clinic in north york.

Physiotherapy relieve pain with massages: addressing the entire musculoskeletal system to remove tension produced by the new static of the body. It is also important to be careful about postural hygiene for activities of daily life such as: always bend down with the knees and not the lumbar area, if we are going to carry weight, we must always try to distribute the load well, use suitable footwear, sit smoothly and correctly so that the lower back does not suffer, with the help of cushions, etc.

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From what week would it be convenient to start physiotherapy?

As for physical exercise: a woman who did not perform any type of activity before becoming pregnant, what is recommended is to wait until we have passed the first trimester (12 weeks) to perform gentle and specific exercise. If you have already done physical activity, you can start doing some light exercise. As long as the gynecologist recommends it, in both cases. To begin preparing the pelvic floor, the ideal is to start the sessions even before the pregnant woman becomes pregnant. To go to the massages, we must wait until the third trimester.

Does physical therapy help at the time of delivery?

Preparing for childbirth takes care of precisely that: it informs the parents of everything related to the moment of delivery so that they know what to expect at all times, breathing and pushing are taught to use during delivery and help us relax, keep oxygenated the baby and help him out.

Recovery of the pelvic floor after childbirth

The weight of pregnancy along with the effort of childbirth often damages the pelvic floor causing incontinence, among other problems. It is important to recover these muscles that may have been weakened through exercises to tone and mobilize scar tissues to avoid adhesions and fibrosis, which will be directed by a specialized physiotherapist after having carried out a personalized assessment.

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