The Ultimate Benefits Of Taking Ginger

Ginger is one of the healthiest spices in the world, it originated from Asia and for over 2000 years it has been used to for its medicinal purposes by various cultures. Combined with lemon to spice it is known to produce tremendous health results in prevention and treatment of various ailments.

Fighting cancer

Cancer is one of the most deadly ailments today. That being the case, it is advisable to add ginger in your daily diet. This according to various studies that have shown the ginger helps in fighting lung, prostate, ovarian, breast, skin, colon and pancreatic cancer. Researchers have established that ginger contains a 6 compound gingerol which has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor activities. Adding ginger diet helps in preventing new cancer cells from forming. Ginger is also known to prevent toxic effects of cancers drugs. In a research conducted on 744 cancer patients, ginger supplement reduced chemotherapy induced nausea significantly

Relieves gas

Ginger tea is one of the natural gas relieving solution. It is readily available and simple to prepare and save the embarrassment of gas. Slice one two inch fresh ginger root in two cups of water and boil. Let the solution cool and take a cup before sleeping. This will help in clearing the digestive system and neutralize the problem from the inside.

Relieves heartburn

Acid reflux is a common condition affecting almost have of the population. Various treatments on the market are known to do more harm than good to the situation. Studies have recommended the use of ginger tea as the most effective and natural way to curb GERD. Ginger contains gastro-protective effect that prevents loosening of lower esophageal sphincter and block acid from regurgitating back to the esophagus. Ginger also kills the H pylori bacterium that is linked to acid reflux. It is advisable to take a cup of ginger tea 20 minutes before meal.

Protects Alzheimer disease

According to research, ginger helps in slowing loss of brain cells that result with aging. A research conducted to evaluate to evaluate brain functionality in women has shown that those who consumed ginger displayed enhanced working memory

Managing irritable bowel syndrome

Ginger is a helpful remedy to manage IBS. Ginger tea is known to prevent to relax the intestines during flair up thus producing a calming effect.

Appetite suppression

Ginger helps in suppressing appetite thereby reducing daily calories uptake. According to a study conducted in 2012 showed that those who drank ginger tea with grams of ginger powder after meals reduced hunger feelings for up to six hours.

Manages blood sugar levels

According to research conducted in Australia revealed that ginger helps in keeping the blood levels in check. Sugar levels have direct impact on weight loss and gain. It also manages how energetic and lethargic one feels throughout the day.

Muscle relaxation

Muscles tire naturally due to work out and in most cases result in muscle pains. This eventually holds one from getting back to the gym. It is recommended to munch ginger root in order speed up the process of muscle recovery.

Boosts nutrient absorption

In most cases people absorb 10-90 percent of the minerals and vitamins in your food. In order to improve absorption of in necessary nutrients that help in signaling the body when it is full and keep you fat burning systems running, it is advisable to spice your food with ginger in order to boost absorption.

Manages morning sickness

Ginger acts as calming agent making it convenient to manage morning sickness especially in pregnant mothers suffering from bouts in the morning.

Reduces arthritic Inflammation

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties ginger helps in relieving inflammation based condition and diseases such as arthritis. This also helps in relieving pain in arthritic patients.

Improves circulation                                                             

It improves the flow of blood by expanding thin blood thus improving overall circulation. That is the primary reason why many people enjoy sipping ginger tea on cold days.

Heals frostbite

Taking 8 ounces of ginger daily while suffering from frostbite is advisable as it speeds up the recovery process. It improves circulation thus helping the affected parts to return back to their normal state.

Stops motion sickness

If you are suffering from motion sickness it is advisable to take consume a little ginger before boarding a vehicle, airplane, or boat. It has been used over the years as a natural remedy to easy all symptoms of morning sickness.

Natural pain reliever

For a long period of time ginger has been considered as a natural pain reliever along with fighting inflammation that causes pain.

Clear sinuses

Ginger contains an active agent that works wonders on the sinuses, helping in unclogging and drainage facilitation. This is comes in handy during cold season where many people suffer from clogged sinuses.

Breath freshening

Eating or drinking ginger towards the end of your meal helps in refreshing your breath. Unlike garlic, ginger leaves your mouth neutralized from bad taste.

Increases libido

Due to its function in increasing blood circulation, ginger increases libido in both sexes. This is the main reason why over the years it has been referred to as an aphrodisiac.

It boosts immune system

Your diet plays a major role in strengthening or weakening of immune system. Uptake of ginger helps in cleansing lymphatic system, flushing out toxins and killing bacteria.

Ginger is also known to protect people against nuclear radiations. This is not an everyday happening however it is important to note that just in case you find yourself exposed to nuclear radiation.

Lowers the risk of stroke                  

Ginger lowers the risk of blood clots which are associated with both heart attacks and stroke. Ginger is a natural blood thinner as it contains salicylate which is known to prevent blood clots

Reduces menstrual cramps

A study has shown that ginger supplements are effective at reducing menstrual discomforts. This is a natural relief for women seeking remedy for menstrual cramps.

Fights fungus

In study of various plant extracts to ascertain their antifungal properties, ginger performed exemplary well compared to many commonly prescribed anti-fungal medications. It was fond that it could knock out fungi that were resistant to most prescriptions.

It is important to routinely consume ginger regularly to keep our bodies healthy due to its advanced medicinal value. Next time you are preparing a meal, remember to spice it with ginger to keep healthy and shield yourself from various infections.

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