The Various Reasons Behind the Skin Damage and Saggy Nature

Aging is one that humans could not restrict and that will happen as times go. When a person becomes a more age than first, their skin will indicate that. But there is a procedure to keep the human skin as young as possible through various remedies. Skin is the largest organ of humans and consists of collagen and elastin. When a human gets ages then these elements start to lose from the skin and show them sagged. Actually, these two are proteins and these are mainly responsible for the firm, young look and also supple.  If we want to know the specific roles of these proteins then collagen supports to make skin tightening and also elastin provides elasticity to the skin to hold its firmness.

Loss of these proteins with respect to age the person’s face and other parts of the skin will become saggy. But these issues can be controlled by availing the treatment called skin tightening and face lifting. This treatment helps people to slow down their age. Fine, let us see some information on saggy skin and why it is happening to humans. There are three major processes that lead to saggy skin.

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  • The loss of fat pads exited under the skin may deteriorate the support of overlying skin hence the saggy nature observed.
  • Apart from that loss of those proteins made the skin less elastic nature.
  • Facial bone structure is the one that needs concern in this because this will change when the time passes. This facial bone structure supports the skin for its firmness and elasticity hence the chance will make the skin saggy.

Saggy skin or an aged look is not only by aging but some other causes also lead to this issue. If a person has it then can be sure through the treatment. What are those? Let us see briefly here.

Exposure to Sun: Sunlight is also having UV radiation. This UV radiation is not good for health and has the ability to degrade the DNA. This leads to skin repair through collagen damage.

Stress Factor: Yes, the modern world keeps people under the stress through different aspects. Stress is responsible for inflammation and also for the various biomedical processes that will damage the collagen and elastin present in our skin.

Hydration: If a person maintains their skin less hydrated then skin damage may happen. Because collagen is the protein and nearly fifty percent of that is made up of water. Hence to keep the skin healthy our skin should be properly hydrated.

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