Top 8 Things You Should Definitely Know About Your Health

  1. Low electromagnetic frequencies Wi-Fi, microwaves are dangerous to our health

  According to the experienced researcher, Dr. Barrie Trower, a smart meter, 4G, laptops, mobile phones, etc … is known to cause serious damage to people’s health and threaten human existence.

Therefore, Wi-Fi can make you sick and no level of security was ever established to protect humans, like children. Wi-Fi with its various applications has been known to cause temporary brain / frontal lobe cancer and is the highest reason for child deaths.

To protect the interests of companies with their governments paid the traditional media have lied that Wi-Fi is harmless with all the bad science used to cheat … Again, as in other situations that have happened before Smoking: a handful of people make profits from mega-funds while many others suffer.

According to neuroscientist Olle Johansson, girls from the United Kingdom and the United States will be exposed to the WiFischool all their education should have a miscarriage or death rate of at least 57.7% when giving birth to adulthood.

If nothing is done then only about 1/8 of the children will be healthy after about 70 years … – It is not strange that many countries (more than half) acted by stopping Wi-Fi in schools. However, in countries like the United Kingdom, they insist on having Wi-Fi in schools.

South Africa and related boards have eliminated Wi-Fi applications, including “smart” meters.
The WEF for Wi-Fi can be protected by using a detector to find exactly where the origin is and use a radiator blade as a shield.

  1. The true reason of GMOs

As most of us know that the official line on GM and GM foods is to produce crops with certain desirable characteristics so that we can obtain better, higher and more efficient yields with the intention of feeding the world … However, that does not it happened Problems have occurred such as resistance to pesticides and superbacteria that affect yields .

Attempts to produce higher yields and property through the permeability of GMOs for mega-profits (remembering that crops were given to us free by Mother Earth) hide the true reason for GMOs.
GMOs have been created to change our DNA. genetically modified food and genetically modified organisms are ultimately a program designed for depopulation to get sick and slow – they kill us as a race.

  1. Why men should nevergold jewelry

Carrying gold like a jewel, its micro particles penetrate the pores of the skin and into the bloodstream during sweating. These gold particles cannot find an outlet over time through the common long-term port, they accumulate in the body as a toxic poison causing damage to the organs.

Women are safe because the gold particles are removed with their menstrual period.

-The toxicity of heavy metals is due to aluminum poisoning due to the frequent long-term use of aluminum utensils, aluminum containers and containers, vaccines … Mercury in foods such as tuna is toxic and poses a threat to health. have been linked to autism … Lead poisoning is another of the sources of control such as water contamination by lead pipes …

-I have chosen to present gold because it is not as well known as a toxic source through the use of jewelry.

Body detoxifications for removing heavy metals exist, for example, in the form of a chelation therapy.

  1. Why more men and women suffer from baldness

There are a number of reasons to increase baldness. Companies like Bayer and Monsanto have treated plants with growth hormone additives to promote the fastest growth rate for more efficient production. The additive of growth hormone in these plants causes baldness to those who consume them as a side effect, hence the reason why more men and women go bald at an early age.

-Other reason to choose organic food since it does not have this additive.
Several companies have gained a lot with this side effect.

  1. Humans have more than 5 senses

Normally we associate our existence with 5 senses. But, in fact, there are literally dozens of other senses attributed to humans because they are beyond our normal detection range. This includes a series of sensory receptors such as the esophagus (throat), the bladder, the pharyngeal mucosa (compartments of the head and neck) … Blood vessel receptors, abdominal distension and gas Chemoreceptors to control changes bodily carbon dioxide …

-All of which a healthy balance is necessary to maintain an optimal function.

  1. Tattoos, body piercing and cosmetic surgery are the main threats to health

Tattoos, when advertised, are made to look good. However, in addition to the opinion that tattoos are horrible or grotesque for some observers, to consider them as a destruction of the “temple of the body” represents a threat to health.

The tattoo ink injected into the body penetrates under the skin, which can alter the body’s senses (see 5 above) and cause health problems.
As with tattoos, body piercing and cosmetic surgery, such as the work of the breasts, has the effect of modifying the body’s natural energetic vibrations … causing imbalances in the affected person.

  1. Humans are the only species that are knowingly poisoned

Unlike animals, humans know that they poison themselves, like when they smoke, eat junk food and take drugs …

  1. Fluoride in dentistry and water

The dangers of fluoride have been well documented lately. Particularly in that fluorine produces counterproductive effects when used as toothpaste to treat teeth and has been shown by the Environmental Protection Agency as a metabolic poison.

What is not so well known about fluoride is that it calcifies the pineal gland of the third eye of the body. This is the real reason why the powers that should not use it use it in the human race; to suppress us and prevent us from awakening … Fluoride also makes us more stupid and more docile.

Other forms of threats to environmental health not mentioned include biological warfare weapons, climatic modifications such as toxic chemtrails in chemtrails or geoengineering, radiation sources such as Fukushima and microwaves. There are also false diseases of the vaccine in us … with other harmful bodily poisonings, drugs that revolve the brain.

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